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CSAR Book Evening - Meet the Authors

When Apr 04, 2016
from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Where The Sackler Lecture Theatre Institure of Astronomy, (Hoyle Building) Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0HA
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Format for the Evening:-

Note: The meeting will be preceded by a brief SGM

Three Authors will introduce their recent books, followed by questions from the audience. Previous experience suggests that this is best done with all three authors on the stage together, rather than questions to individual authors after introducing their books.

This session will close at 8:30, to give an opportunity for networking and to meet the authors. Light refreshments will be available, courtesy of Cambridge University Press.

CSAR is extremely grateful to Cambridge University Press for sponsorship of this evening’s event.

The books are as follows:-

“Modern Families”, ‘Parents and Children in New Family Forms’

by Professor Susan Golombok

Published 12th March 2015

Modern Families brings together research on parenting and child development in new family forms including lesbian mother families, gay father families, families headed by single mothers by choice and families created by assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF), egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation and surrogacy. This research is examined in the context of the issues and concerns that have been raised regarding these families. The findings not only contest popular myths and assumptions about the social and psychological consequences for children of being raised in new family forms but also challenge well-established theories of child development that are founded upon the supremacy of the traditional family. It is argued that the quality of family relationships and the wider social environment are more influential in children’s psychological development than are the number, gender, sexual orientation, or biological relatedness of their parents or the method of their conception.


Maxwell’s Enduring Legacy

‘A Scientific History of the Cavendish Laboratory’

By Malcolm Longair

To be published May 2016

The Cavendish Laboratory is arguably the most famous physics laboratory in the world. Founded in 1874, it rapidly gained a leading international reputation through the researches of the Cavendish professors beginning with Maxwell, Rayleigh, J. J. Thomson,

Rutherford and Bragg. Its name will always be associated with the discoveries of the electron, the neutron, the structure of the DNA molecule and pulsars, but these are simply the tip of the iceberg of outstanding science. The physics carried out in the laboratory is the central theme of the book and this is explained in reasonably non-technical terms. The research activities are set in their international context. Generously illustrated, with many pictures of the apparatus used and diagrams from the original papers, the story is brought right up to date with descriptions of the science carried out under the leadership of the very different personalities of Mott, Pippard and Edwards.


Turing's Imitation Game ‘Conversations with the Unknown’

By Kevin Warwick, (co- author, Huma Shah)

To be Published August 2016

The Turing Test, or Imitation Game, tests a machine’s ability to replicate ‘human’ responses. This book analyses results from various Turing Test competitions, examining what worked, what didn’t, and the various algorithms that were developed for this task. A fascinating introduction for anyone interested in computer science or artificial intelligence.


Practical Matters

  • CSAR lectures are open to all;
  • CSAR members are admitted free.
  • Pupils and students may register for free membership at the lecture reception desk.
  • Non-members are asked to make a nominal contribution of £3.00. 

Coffee and biscuits are available in the Sackler Lecture Theatre Foyer from around 7pm.  For further directions, see here. 

CSAR is very grateful to Microsoft Research for sponsorship of CSAR lectures and student awards


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