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Terms and Conditions for Room Bookings

The Culture of Scientific Research

Postdoc Centre News Archive.pdf


Progress Review 2013-2016

Toshiba Fellowship Programme 2017


HR Excellence 2 year review Dec16

HR Excellence Forward Strategy Action Plan Dec16

HR Excellence Progress Review Action Plan Dec 16

Cambridge EC HR 2014 submission

RDP Postdocs Calendar Lent Easter 2017

RDP logo for carousel

Accelerate Cambridge weekend agenda

CSF Expression of Interest Form

CSF 2017 availability

BMC Seminar Room specs for website

BMC Committee Room specs for website

Newman Library specs for website

EPSRC grant form - OPdA

Mill Lane Seminar Room layout

Mill Lane Eastwood room layout

Small Meeting Room layout

Multi Function Room layout

Sanders Hall layout

CAR - Activity Space

CAR - Assesment of Eddington

CAR - Options based Life Cycle Evaluation

EPSRC fellowships with BT and NPL

CAR - predicting energy-efficiency upgrades

OPdA Lloyds Career Transformation

OPdA Lloyds Future Banking

OPdA Lloyds Student Behaviour

BBSRC FTMA Guidance for applicants

Paris Enterprise Fair Programme


ESRC New Investigators Selection March 2018

Terms of Reference literature review natural capital performance measures

06. Induction Probation SRD OPdA MAR2018

Integrity leaflet 0917.updated

Turing Fellow and Turing Sponsored Project Schemes 2018

Open Research Survey Cover Paper

CUP Fellowships call doc FINAL

Q&A Careers/EPOC/PdOC/RDP events

ESRC New Investigators Selection Round 2 2018

Costing Professional Development in Grants Guidance & FAQs v1 Word

Costing Professional Development in Grants Guidance & FAQs v1 PDF

06. Induction Probation SRD OPdA (July 2018)

QA Slide.July

Mill Lane Committee Room layout

06. Induction Probation SRD OPdA Update Nov 2018

DPCCN needs

RD competition

Canada-UK Postdoctoral Fellowships.Call 2019

RD Pitch Info event

OPdA Induction leaflet pack.January.2019


Canada-UK Postdoctoral Fellowships.2019.FAQs

Borysiewicz Biomedical Sciences Fellowship Programme.Call 2019

Borysiewicz Biomedical Sciences Fellowship Programme - FAQs 2019

University of Cambridge Open Research Steering Committee ToR

NWCD Eddington Parking Info

OPdA Overview 2019

07 05 19 ppd ToR

Schmidt Fellowship.Call.2020

Schmidt Person Specification 2020

2. Careers Service

3. Researcher Development Programme RDP

4. Postdocs of Cambridge Society PdOC

5. Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge

6. Human Resources

1. Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Edd SMR layout

Edd MFR layout

Edd SH layout

ML Eastwood layout

BMC COM layout

BMC SEM layout

BMC NL layout

Edd-SMR Layout

Edd-MFR Layout

Edd-SH Layout

ML-ER Layout

BMC-COM Layout

BMC-CEM Layout

BMC-NL Layout

A new teaching approach.OU

HR induction Sep19

OPdA induction Sep19

Careers induction Sep19

OPdA Induction Nov19

RDP Induction Nov19

Careers Induction Nov19

Pensions WG TOR (updated August 2019)

PWG Minutes 7 October 2019 (v1)


HR Induction Dec19

Careers Induction Dec19

Small meeting room layout Eddington