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Join the Shaping Horizons 2019 organising committee - apply by 17 June

last modified Jun 05, 2018 10:58 AM
The Shaping Horizons 2019 organising committee are looking for motivated PhD students and postdocs to join them in creating a unique event that will bring together leaders from the UK and Latin America to discuss pressing challenges and promote diplomatic ties.

Shaping Horizons 2019, organised by the Community of Global Shapers and members of the University of Cambridge, will be the first of a series of biennial conferences with the ambitious purpose of bringing together leaders from two different regions of the world to discuss pressing challenges and promote diplomatic ties.

The first conference will bring together the UK and Latin America and will feature 150 young representatives as well as leaders from government, industry and academia from the two regions.

Shaping Horizons 2019 will take place from the 24th to the 28th June 2019 in Cambridge and will be structured around four key themes:

Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • AI, big data, cybersecurity and privacy
  • Emerging technologies and their regulation
  • Urbanisation and smart cities
  • Innovative technologies for circular economies

Social Challenges

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Future of education - innovation and STEM studies
  • Future of labour and universal income
  • Policy based on facts

Humans and Nature

  • Mitigation and adaptation to climate change
  • Agriculture sustainability and competitive
  • Evolution of species - bacterial resistance
  • Future of biomedical innovation and healthcare

Our Shared Future

  • Beyond traditional diplomacy
  • Migration of people
  • Stimulation of entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Internationalisation of education

The committee are currently looking for motivated PhD students and postdocs, who want to join them in co-creating a unique event that produces concrete solutions.

As a member of the Organising Committee, you will be part of a driven team and lead the development of key areas of the conference, such as: securing fundraising and sponsorships, identifying and inviting speakers, seeking institutional partnerships or marketing the event.

Hear much more at the informational meeting at 9am, June 15th at Trinity College (RSVP) and APPLY HERE for a committee position before Sunday, June 17th.

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