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The Postdoc Calendar

This calendar collates all postdoc-facing events organised by the OPdA, PdOC Society, the Postdoc Careers Service, the Researcher Development Programme (RDP), and the Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge (EPOC) - as well as submitted events from Colleges and Departments.

Using the calendar

Filter which events you see in the following ways:

By provider - hover the cursor over "Organizers" in the menu at the top of the calendar, then selecting providers from the drop-down list (you can also 'deselect' providers in this way).

By location - hover the cursor over "Venues" and select (or deselect) a venue.

By category - hover the cursor over "Categories" and select (or deselect) a category.

Change the calendar view using the icons at the top of the calendar.

Sync or import the calendar to your personal calendar using the subscribe button at the top.

Submit an event to the Postdoc Calendar (these will go to approval before they appear).


 The Postdoc Calendar