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The Postdoc Centres

The Postdoc Centres provide postdocs with a resource of their own - a space to come together and exchange ideas, a place to access support, and a way to find a sense of belonging and engage with the University beyond their department.

The Postdoc Centres offer free meeting rooms, event venues and quiet working spaces to postdocs at the Biomedical Campus, Mill Lane, and Eddington (North West Cambridge).

They also provide a venue for other services around the University to hold training, talks, and events specifically for postdocs. The Postdoc Centre @ Biomedical Campus also welcomes final year PhD students.

The first Postdoc Centre at 16 Mill Lane opened in 2014 and since then the centres have seen almost 3,000 events, meetings, workshops, talks and networking sessions.

The centres also serve as office space for the OPdA, PdOC and NVS – where our team of staff and volunteers provide support to postdocs throughout their time here. Drop in to see us if you have any questions about your life and work in Cambridge.

Find out more about the facilities at each centre and how you can use them:



Mill Lane

Biomedical Campus

Room Bookings

Postdoc Centre @ Eddington

Postdoc Centre @ Mill Lane

Postdoc Centre @ Biomedical Campus