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Biomedical Campus PhD Mentoring Scheme

DEADLINE: 09:00am on 25 January 2018.

PhD students: Would you like to speak with someone a bit more experienced about your personal and professional goals?

Postdocs: Would you like to help someone a step behind in their career on their way? Mentoring can also help you develop your own communication skills. 

The OPdA is launching a new mentoring scheme at the Biomedical Campus between PhD students and postdocs.

The scheme offers individualised formal matching between a mentee (PhD student) and a mentor (Postdoc) drawn from outside their respective core research area.

The scheme will focus on Developmental Mentoring, where two people at different points of their careers work together and create solutions and action plans for successful career progression and personal development.

Successful mentoring can lead to increased productivity, career satisfaction and greater reported self-efficacy in the mentee. Mentors benefit from increased self-reflection of their role and development of effective skills as a group leader.

Mentoring can be particularly useful for women and minority groups as it has been shown to reduce disparities with other academic members.

The scheme:

  • Both mentors and mentees receive training - 12-2pm on 26 January for postdocs at the Postdoc Centre @ Biomedical Campus, 12-2pm on 6 February for PhD students at the Postdoc Centre @ Biomedical Campus
  • PhD students in their 3rd and 4th year are individually matched with a postdoc working in a different research area
  • Mentors and mentees meet 4-6 times over a one-year period
  • The meetings and their contents are driven by the mentee
  • All meetings are confidential

Time commitment:

  • Both mentees and mentors are required to attend a 2-hour lunchtime training session
  • Meetings between mentees and mentors last 30 – 60 minutes each


  • Mentors - postdocs working at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus
  • Mentees - 3rd and 4th year students working at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus

For more information please email .


PhD students - please complete this form to apply for a mentor and send your CV to .


Postdocs - please complete this form to apply to be a mentor and send your CV to .


Mentoring for Postdocs

In June 2016 we launched a pilot mentoring scheme for postdoctoral staff at the University of Cambridge. The scheme offers an individualised formal academic matching model with a mentor drawn from outside the core discipline area

We have developed this mentoring scheme for postdocs with colleagues at the Universities of York, Sheffield and Bristol. We are also drawing on mentoring practice and guidance from BBSRC and best practice at other universities.

All of the mentors and mentees who participate in the scheme are given training prior to beginning their mentoring relationship.

For more information please email

This scheme is not currently open to applications.

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